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Travelling is fun, but the experience becomes memorable when you have the right travel service provider. Deep South Travel strong with its 20 years of experience in the field, always looking for the organization of authentic travel around places of interest. Although there are a number of travel companies around you, choosing the one that suits your needs isn’t easy. A number of fraudsters will try to con you under the pretext of being travel service providers. It is essential to take a break from your hectic schedule and take a vacation. This not only offers you a chance to explore new places, people and foods, but also help you to rejuvenate your lives and relations.

Licensed & bonded tour operator

We are a licensed Travel Agency (Company license: N° 04D/17) so, if you’re planning to travel, don’t delay it anymore. Now, the first thing that strikes your mind is hiring a travel agent or at least getting some professional consultations. Well, it is an extremely important decision as you need professional help to make your trip memorable. Are all the travel companies real or fake? Can you hire and put your trust on anyone without doing at least an online a check? No! With a few trustworthy travel service providers, there are also some fake companies. While these companies will entice you with dreamy thoughts, they will burn a hole in your pockets too. Don’t let them fool you and before making a decision keep a check on the following things:


If you are travelling with a travel Agency for the first time, make sure to check their certifications beforehand. Some of the major standardized certifications are from the government of Morocco that deliver the licenses to Travel Agent this way they make sure that the Travel Agent has the knowledge and experiences in the travel industry, so without a license don’t go further to avoid disappointments


You might be travelling alone, with your spouse or with a big gang of childhood friends. Everyone has a different requirement and varying budget. It is difficult to put everyone in one frame. Therefore, make sure the travel service provider you are choosing is proffering a wide range of packages to serve all needs and budgets under one roof. Moreover, they should be a little flexible

Thousands of offers from super cheap sensationalism upscale are offered by our agency our competitive prices reflect not only negotiated rates for services provided, but also the added value of the exclusive nature of our projects and creations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Our offers are presented with total transparency. Confidence, performance, compliance with codes of the profession for optimum safety and attention to detail.

Best price Guarantee

Receptive to Morocco, our Goal is: - The Value for money – You can choose from our wide range of programs the one that feet your budget. We will gladly put special packages together with excellent rates. Chances are that your clients will surrender completely to the spell of this magical country.

Morocco is a country of incredible and diverse beauty. We would like you to seize the opportunity of experiencing the wonders of this enchanting country by selecting some of our specially designed programs to help you make the most of your visit to Morocco a memorable one.