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Friday 01 September 2017

The best activities in Marrakesh

Morocco is one of the most diverse countries in Africa, with high mountains, sweeping desert, charming seaside resorts and the winding alleyways of ancient cities and markets. There are many spectacular cities in Morocco; one of them is Marrakesh, the fourth largest city in the country. Marrakech has a unique culture, deep history and a special charm. Marrakesh is a city renowned for its architecture, gardens, open -air markets, mosques, traditional bakeries and miraculous fountains, so Marrakech city tours guide will definitely help you to explore all these magnificent places and to have a good time in this spectacular city.

Marrakesh is a great place to visit as you can do many exciting activities (for example Quad biking and Camel riding), spare amazing time, and you will be blown away by the sweetness of the people and by the magical Marrakech has to offer. Wherever you go in Marrakesh, you will enjoy every moment there. Both culture and natural tourism is popular in this country and if you’re planning to visit Marrakech, let me be your Marrakech city guide:

Jemaa el-Fnaa

At first, you may want to explore the landmarks, popular sights and souks (markets) of Marrakesh city, and many Marrakech Sightseeing tours start with a visit to Jemaa el-Fnaa, one of the most exciting towns square in the world. In the heart of Marrakesh, you will have a good time as you can see musicians, snaking-charmers, henna-painters, storytellers and orange juice vendors set up their stalls. These activities start in the morning and reach its peak in the evening.

Majorelle Garden

After a long day at the souk, you will absolutely need a bit of relaxing, Majorelle Garden is the best place for that. Majorelle Garden is wonderfully amazing, stunning place and one of the most hot spot in Marrakesh. You can’t leave Marrakech without a visit to Yves Saint-Laurent’s Majorelle blue garden to enjoy its amazing design and spectacular landscapes and to take awesome pictures. The feeling of relaxing in the garden is enhanced by groves of bamboo, dwarf palm, the cactus garden, lotus flowers and lily-covered pools; you can’t get enough of that beautiful garden. Any Marrakech guide should include this beautiful garden on the top of his list.

Ali Ben Youssef Madrasa

Whether you like visiting historical places or not, this one is really worth to visit. The Madrasa was founded in the 14th century and was rebuilt in 16th century to become the largest Madrasa in Morocco. This charming building is characterized by the diversity of its decorations and its colours. The Madrasa is organized around a square central courtyard with a rectangular basin in the center and 2 bronze water jets. At the center of the courtyard is a large pool, in place of the typical ablutions fountain. This Islamic college is a great representation of traditional Islamic architecture, you will enjoy each moment there. Because of all these scenic views, visiting the Madrasa should be on the list of Marrakech City Tour.

Quad biking adventure

Do you like trying new exciting experiences? Marrakesh Quad biking will be an incredible experience in your life. There are many kinds of Marrakesh excursions quad such as:

And whatever your choice is, you will spare amazing time and have unforgettable adventure. Exploring a large area of palm grove, desert landscapes or Takerhoust Lake on a 4-wheel-drive quad bike, will give you a feeling of happiness, joy and excitement.

Camel riding experience

Through Camel riding adventure, almost like Quad biking Tour, you will discover charming places in the deserts or even in the High Atlas Mountain. Camel riding Tour will give you amazing chance to explore awesome landscapers from the top of a camel. Riding a camel is interesting adventure itself, so imagine doing this in a desert surrounding by fascinating palm groves. Enjoying the views as the sun rising over a landscape that had no buildings or people in sight and taking photos to this scenic route, this moment will be undoubtedly one of the most remarkable moments in your trip in Marrakesh.

Time to relax

After these incredible Activities outside Marrakesh, you will defiantly need to relax and have some magical massage treatments in "Hammam". Experience the magic of the traditional Moroccan black soap body scrub followed by a ghassoul clay application, will give you a feeling of miraculous recovery.

I finish this Marrakech City Tour and I guarantee that the amazing time you will spare in this fascinating city will be remarkable memories.